RAD  x  Optic Nerve Collaboration

RAD x Optic Nerve Collaboration

As an up and coming company, RAD Apparel is always on the lookout for companies that share the same love for the outdoors like us. So when it came time to reach out to companies that may be interested in collaborating with us for our first photoshoot Optic Nerve was a no brainer. Established in 1976, Optic Nerve is a fellow Colorado owned and operated company that not only makes a wonderful product but stays true to there roots while doing it. 

Optic Nerve was kind enough to supply all of the eyewear used during our photoshoot, during which the RAD crew immediately put them through there paces. With a lightweight feel and crystal clear lenses, the Optic Nerve performance series was a must-have for sunny days on the bike, with there casual series looking great of the bike. 

In addition to Optic Nerve coming on board, we looked to keep things local for our media company as well. This is where "Explore With Media" comes in. Owned by Colorado Springs local Stephen Martin, Explore With Media provided the perfect aesthetic that was able to capture the beauty of Colorado Springs as well as the stoke of the ride. For more on Explore With Media's work check him out at Explorewithmedia.com or on either of his Instagram pages @explorewithmedia and @explorewithollie. 


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